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Little Angels Daycare

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What do I need to enroll my child?
    In order to enroll your child you need to fill out (and complete) our enrollment form, including meal form. We also need the Immunization records & Physical (both must be up to date. You would need to provide us with an extra change of clothes, diapers (at least 6 daily) & wipes. Those children (2yr.) in potty training, we require pull-ups. A blanket must be brought at the beginning of the week and taken home to wash at the end of the week. All belongings must be labeled with each child's name. NO OUTSIDE FOOD, TOYS, OR PERSONAL ITEMS ALLOWED.

  • What Is the latest I can bring my child?
    Breakfast ends at 8:45am, your child must be in the CLASSROOM by that time. The overall drop-off cut-off time is 9:59am. (that means your child must be in the CLASSROOM by 9:59am NO Exceptions!)

  • What if my child is sick or absent?
    If your child becomes sick during the time he/she is in our care, you will be notified by telephone to come and pick your child up. At which point you are advised to take him/her to the doctor. Any type of contagious illness will require a doctor's note upon return. If your child is absent for whatever reason (even for a week) you are still required to make your tuition payment. Same rule applies for holidays, we DO NOT pro-rate tuition. Your child is only allowed 2 weeks without dues for each year, and must be approved & scheduled in advanced.

  • What do you do in case of emergency?
    All serious injuries to the child will require us to call 911. At which point you will be notified second. It is very important that you keep all your contact information accurate. In case of a hurricane or environmental hazard, you will be called to pick up your child ASAP.

  • Do you give medications?
    Only those prescribed to the child will be given to the child, upon the parent's written request. All medicine must go home with each child every day.

  • I have an emergency, can I call to give permission for someone to pick-up my child?
    NO!. Only those under the "Authorized Pick-Up" list on the child's enrollment form will be allowed to pick up child (They must provide a driver's license as proof of identity). If you need to add someone to the list you must come IN PERSON to the center, and update your list. (Same goes for removal, until you fully remove their name, those under the list will always be allowed to pick-up your child).

  • Do you accept ELC?
    Yes, we accept vouchers from the early learning coalition. For specific tuition costs please give us a call once you have a voucher.

We have an OPEN DOOR policy, which means you can come at any time and observe your child. However please be respectful of our nap time which is from 12pm-2:30pm. Although we encourage you to interact with the teachers, we ask that if you have any questions or concern that require a time consuming explanation, to please schedule a conference so that the teacher is not distracted while taking care of children.

PLEASE READ OUR BULLETINS! On a regular basis, we will have news and other pertinent information posted for you on our parent bulletin board and front desk. It is very important that you read these flyers and signs, as they are up for a reason. 

Dismissal/ Termination / Withdrawl:

If you chose to remove you child from our center we will require at least a weeks notice. In the event that we decide to terminate or dismiss your child you will be given a weeks notice as well. We will first attempt to communicate with the parent within regards to the problem and attempt to remedy the issue and/or assist in the referral process. We reserve the right to dismiss or terminate, a child whose behavior (or circumstances) are beyond the scope of our expertise.

* We Invite you to share your questions, suggestions, and/or concerns with our management.

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